Press-Fit Modular Stainless Steel Piping System


Now you can install 316 Stainless in a fraction of the time!

Press-Fit revolutionises stainless steel piping with its simplicity and incredibly fast installation
time. The electric Press-Fit tool makes forming of joints quick and simple.

How it works

  • The installer selects from a wide range of fittings including tees,
    elbows and threaded adaptors.
  • The pipe is inserted into the fitting and “crimped” by a “press tool”
    (electric or manual).
  • The system is ready for immediate pressurisation and use.


Benefits of this system

  • Typically installed in less than half the time it takes to install a conventional purge welded system.
  • No hot work at all.
  • No welding or grinding, this is a mechanical operation.
  • System ready for immediate use.
  • No special skills required (any person who has been trained and certified by our personnel can install
    this system).
  • Looks impressive in any plant.



  • Compressed air.
  • Fuels and oils.
  • Chemicals (check compatibility).
  • Hot and cold water..
  • CIP (clean in place) piping systems
  • Inert gases.
  • Process water and fire sprinkler systems.


  • Standards Australia Watermark Licence: WMUA20008.
  • Lloyds Register.

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