Socket-Fusion Welding Procedure


Socket-Fusion is a method of jointing by melting or ‘fusing’ pipes and fittings together. The recommended Socket-Fusion welding procedure is as follows:


1) Check correct size elements are fitted to Socket-Fusion welder and that elements are clean and free of contamination (use a rough cloth to clean). Switch welder on and allow to heat (approximately 15 minutes).
Cut pipe square and remove burrs.

2) Wipe the end of the pipe with a clean rag to remove oil and dirt.


3) Check that the welder is up to temperature (check indicator light is flashing). Then simultaneously pre-heat pipe and fitting on element for recommended heating period (see table below).


4) Once heating period is complete immediately push pipe and fitting squarely and completely together, without twisting, within 4-5 seconds after heating period.


5) Check pipe and fitting alignment and adjust within the time shown on the table below.


6) Allow to cool before moving pipe.


SF Weld Time Table

Warning: Do not attempt to Socket-Fusion weld in cold or windy conditions. Heating element must be 230° – 250°C. Do not realign pipe after adjusting time.


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