Electro-Fusion Welding Procedure


Electro-Fusion is a method of joining pipes using fittings with integral heating elements. The recommended welding procedure is as follows:


1) Cut the pipe to length. Ensure pipe is cut smoothly and remove burrs.

2) Wipe the end of pipe with Pipe Wipes to remove grease, dirt or contaminants.

3) Scrape the ends of the pipe. This step is to remove an oxide layer from the outside of the pipe for the length of the welded section. Use a hand or automatic scraper once. Wipe surface with Pipe Wipes and allow to dry. Note: Even brand new fittings straight out of their packaging will require scraping.

4 slip into pipe

4) Remove the fitting from the bag only when the joint has been prepared and slip pipe into both sides of the fitting. Take care not to touch the inside of the fitting and ensure pipe is fully inserted.
If the fitting has already been removed from its protective bag, wipe the joint surfaces carefully with a clean cloth and acetone solvent.


5) Connect the welder leads to the fitting. For automatic welders connect colour coded leads onto corresponding sides of fitting.

For manual welders connect leads and read heating time marked on label of fitting.

6) Weld joint. For automatic welders follow the prompts on the welder display to weld joint.
For manual welders key the heating time into the welder and weld.
Joints must not be disturbed during welding.

7) On completion of welding press the prompt on the screen and remove the leads from the fitting. Check the thermal indicator pistons protrude from the fitting (reject joint if not). Allow fitting to cool before moving pipe.
Note: constant regulated power supply is required for Electro-Fusion welders.

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