PE100 Fabrication

Generation III Joint Selection


Electro-Fusion 45deg Elbow

Electro-Fusion Weld Fittings
Ideally suited for pipe systems in diameters larger than 40 mm. Electro-Fusion fittings are welded to the pipe by an automatic Electro-Fusion welding machine. This type of fitting allows the pipeline to be pre-assembled before welding. Thermal indicators confirm completed joints. Delivering high quality, high integrity joints the Electro-Fusion process is used by pipeline contractors and facility owners worldwide. See here for installation guidelines and fittings selection.

Socket-Fusion Male Adaptor

Socket-Fusion Weld Fittings
Manufactured from the same material as the pipe, Socket-Fusion fittings and pipe are simultaneously preheated on an element. Pipe and fitting are then fused together to form strong, long life joints. Socket-Fusion joints are usually suitable for diameters up to a maximum diameter of 63 mm O.D. See here for installation guidelines and fittings selection.

Compression Fittings

Compression fittings are well suited for temporary installations or where a welded system is not feasible. Generation III Compression fittings can be assembled without specialist tools and provide a fast, convenient connection system for pressures up to 8 bar. See here for assembly procedures and fittings selection.